Apply for a $2,500 Small Business Grant from DearTiti and Empire Project.

Apply for a $2,500 (N1.5 Million naira) Small Business Grant from and the Empire Project

The Empire project has launched a grants program in conjunction with where small businesses are supported with non-repayable micro-grants. This program is aimed mostly at developing countries and underserved populations but anybody from any country may apply.

Apply for a chance to receive free funding of $2,500 (N1.5 Million naira) from and the Empire Project.

  • Entry is Free.
  • This is not a loan or equity.
  • Recipients will NOT be asked to repay the grant.
  • DearTiti will NOT ask for a share of the business or your profits.
  • Grant funds may be used to start up a new business or support an existing business.
  • Multiple slots are available. Females are strongly encouraged to apply but other genders may apply too.


  • Anybody of age 18 and above from any country may apply.
  • You must first register on to be eligible to apply. Registration is fast and free. To register, visit and just connect with either your Google, Yahoo or Facebook account. See how to Register here.
  • You may submit an idea for a new business or for an existing business.
  • Any type of business is allowed excepting those in the list on the next line:
  • Illegal, fraudulent, racist, discriminatory or weapons and  arms related businesses and ideas are not allowed.

How to Apply for the Grant

STEP 1 : Register and Subscribe to DearTiti

You need to complete the six actions below and then fill a form containing a short quiz.

  1. Register on . Registration is fast and free. Just connect with either your Google, Yahoo or Facebook account. See how to Register here => . (Take note of the date you registered and your username because you will be asked during the quiz).
  2. After registering, Subscribe to Deartiti email list. See how to subscribe here =>
  3. After subscribing, Follow Deartiti on one or more of their official Social media (Telegram, Facebook, instagram, youtube etc). Scroll down the following page to see the official links =>
  4. Share any two stories from DearTiti website to Facebook and/or two to Twitter using the Share or Tweet buttons at the bottom of the stories
  5. Comment on any two DearTiti stories
  6. Register one person through your Deartiti referral link. Learn more about referral links and how to find yours here =>

STEP 2: Prepare for the Quiz

After doing everything in step 1 above, next is to prepare yourself for the quiz.

About the Quiz

  • You can take the quiz anytime but you can only submit one application.
  • There is no time limit for completing the quiz
  • The quiz consists of four pages with the fourth page being the Main Quiz. All questions are compulsory. You must complete one page before moving to the next.
  • When you finish filling one page, click NEXT to move to the next page. You can go back to modify what you have filled previously (by clicking BACK) as long as you have not submitted on the final page. Once you submit you will no longer be able to go back and change anything.
  • Take note of the date you registered on DearTiti and also your username or email used because you will be asked during the quiz. You will also be asked to describe your business idea or existing business in less than 250 words so you may want to prepare that before taking the quiz.

Preparing for the Main Quiz

Read the following links to prepare for the Main Quiz. There will be seven multiple choice (objective) questions in the Main Quiz. Questions in the Main Quiz will be taken from the articles in the links below so make sure you read and understand them thoroughly:

STEP 3: Fill the Form and Answer the Quiz

When you have done step 1 and 2 above, fill the application form/quiz at the following link:

Deadline: You can apply as long as the quiz link above is still working. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Good Luck!


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